ANTI-DDOS Protection

We protect your internet bussiness

Your websites up and running 24/7

24/7 technical support

Geo-distributed network of a filtration to 1TBps/500mpps

Power of protection isn't limited to tariffs

Optimum ratio of the price and quality of services

Takes 10 minutes to set up

Free transfer of the site on our hosting

Protection of game servers

Защита от DDoS

We protect your Services against cyber attacks

You can devote to your business while we keep far the threats

Our systems protect your Web Site, Game Server and any other TCP/UDP service from DDoS attack.

Anti-DDoS PRO services benefits

  • Europe и USA

    We provide our services from two location in the world..
  • SLA 99.0%*

    Your service will no more interrupted by malicious.

  • Attacks up to 1TBps/500mpps

    We protect you from many types of attack on Layer 3-4-7
  • Control Panel

    The functional control panel from the ISPsystem company.

Special offer

Hosting for the site  of 18$/mo.It is recommended
for game projects

Our services to achieve your projects

Web Protection

Защита от DDoS атак By Anti-DDoS PRO Web Protection you can protect your Ecommerce or Web Site on any platform in minutes.

DDoS attacks from competitors or other criminals will be just a memory. It is also included the Web Application Firewall that protects your web site from the most common Hacking attempts.

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Net Protection

Защита от DDoS If you have a Game Server or you provide not Web services, Anti-DDoS PRO Net Protection is what you need.
DDoS attacks are a widespread problem for every type of Internet services, but thanks to our filtering system based on specific hardware equipment we can allow you to maintain your online service.

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Why Anti-DDoS PRO?

DDoS ProtectionThis project come from the experience gained in many years in the ICT area.  Threats such as DDoS attacks are a widespread reality now. With our services we want to contribute to a more secure Web.
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Rely on us:
  • Stability and reliability
  • Refund guarantee*
  • Professional protection
  • SLA 99%
  • Professional technical support