Anti DDoS TCP/UDP Protection


Anti DDoS PRO Net Protection is a security service for any application or service online.

The main purpose of the service is to mitigate the DDoS attacks designed to interrupt or disrupt the normal operation of applications, such as Game servers, Web sites, and any software accessible via the Internet.

Anti DDoS Pro Net Protection does not require you to change your provider and the installation takes less than 5 minutes. The service works like a Reverse NAT, ie requests to your server are routed to our specialized systems filtering malicious traffic from good traffic, and forward only the second to your server so that you and your users will not noticing anything.

The service works as NAT, but on request we could setup the service also as IPIP/GRE tunnel.

If you are thinking to protect a Web service running on HTTP or HTTPS we recommend our more specific product suitable for this kind of applications  Web site protection.

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  • DDOS Protection
    We protect agaist attacks up to 1TBps или 500mpps..
  • Unlimited traffic
    On all tariff plans there are no limitation of clear traffic
  • Unlimited protected ports
    We protect 1 IP address and unlimited ports count.
  • Datacenters in Europe and USA.
    You can choose the data center from which provide protection for best performance with your users.

  • Layer 3 - 4 Protection
    Our service protects against many types of DDoS on network layer.
  • Support
    You can always contact us for problems with protection.

Why purchase the protection

The main reason is that very few providers have the resources and skills to protect customers from these attacks.

Normally when a customer receives this type of attack, the provider are forced to obscure the customer IP address to avoid disservices to other customers, allowing the attacker to fully achieve its goal, to stop the service.

To cope with this type of attack you need to make large investments in order to have a wide bandwidth (we have a network of about 1Tbit) and expensive equipment Anti DDoS specially produced to protect against this category of


Our protection plans are charged based on the amount of traffic of your game server.

  • 30Mbit/sec
  • 100Mbit/sec
  • 150Mbit/sec
Monthly Price
  • 50 $/mon
  • 120 $/mon
  • 200 $/mon
Yearly Plans
  • 450 $/year
  • 1350 $/year
  • 4000 $/year

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Anti DDoS TCP Proxy
Price from 50 $/ mon
  • DDOS Protection up to 1Tbit/500Mpps
  • 1 Protected IP
  • Unlimited protected ports
Data Centres: Europe and USA
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