Protection for Website and Ecommerce

Protezione Attacchi

Cyber attacks harm your  Business

Cyber attacks are the actions to sabotage your Website and your Company. Can be performed by malicious, competitors and even customers for various reasons, such as sabotage of competition, the demand for redemptions or even just for fun or spite.

These attacks are now very easy and inexpensive to implement, and that's why every company that has an online business or e-commerce can only take steps to prevent it.There are multiple types of attack, the main ones are:

 DDoS attacks: Attacks aimed to exhaust the resources of your server, , preventing visitors to access your website.
Website Hacking: :The attacker takes control of the Website or worst of the Server, doing of it what he want.

Perfect protection for(CMS).

The CMS (Content Management System) are really powerfull softwares but also very complexes. They are the engine of many Web sites and Ecommerce.

Hackers could study the code of these systems, are easier to find security holes, especially in the additional components of these systems.

Our protection is compatible with all CMS in circulation :

• Wordppress     • Prestashop

• Opencard     • Magento

• Joomla     • WooCommerce

• Drupal     • osCommerce

• StressWeb    • GHTWEB

How we protect your ecommerce against Attacks

Our security service stands between your server and your visitors in a completely transparent way. No one will notice the presence of our service, if not the bad guys when they can not carry out their attacks. Our service consists of an Anti-DDoS protection, consisting of specific equipment to mitigate this type of attack, and a Web Application Firewall (WAF), that protects the Web site from the most typical types of attack designed to hack websites.

The installation of our protection is simple and takes about 5 minutes. There is no need to transfer your Ecommerce or Business Web site and you can continue to lean to your normal provider.

Anti-DDoS PRO protection benefits

  • More Profits

    Protect your profits earned by the bad guys, aggressive competitors or mischievous customers.

  • More Reputation.

    A website always online increases the perception of reliability of your company and allows you to increase sales.

  • More Tranquility.

    Handle the emergency of a site offline is not a nice experience. Put to secure your peace of mind.

How protective the Anti-DDOS.PRO filter save money for your business?

We are something bigger, than protection against DDOS – attacks. The team consists of a number of highly qualified specialists in the field of a filtration of a harmful traffic, each of which, personally bears responsibility for operability of virtual resources of our clients. We always on a step ahead. Despite already available professional skills, we go on the way of permanent development and the general modernization. Continuous improvement of technologies of a filtration of a harmful traffic brings us on qualitatively – new level it is necessary all competing services. Every day our system of a filtration stops from above a huge number of a harmful traffic, ensuring, thereby, stable functioning a web of the sites and game servers of our clients. Only one decision to choose us, you once and for all will relieve yourself of all problems connected with DDOS – attacks and their consequences.

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